Liberals Establish International Alliance

Liberal politicians networking internationally have established an international alliance. Also included is the Independence Party “up!”.

The Independence Party’s “up!” is still a young plantlet. The small party was founded to be committed to the liberal cause in the classical sense (without hyphen) mid 2014.

Although the flowers that have sprout are still tender, the three Co-Presidents Brenda Maeder, Silvan Amberg and Simon Scherrer have big plans: they have teamed up with some “libertarian parties” from all over the world for the “International Alliance of Libertarian Parties.” The Alliance is based in Baar delivered innovative.

President of the Alliance is Geoffrey Neale. Neale is a former board member of the Libertarian Party in the USA. Included are liberal parties from ten countries, such as from the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Russia and the United States. Accession talks are being held in with ten other parties.

Liberal and libertarian

The national parties remain programmatically and organisationally independent. Simon Scherrer says, for the Independence Party, the experience was important. “The goal is to bring the classical liberal ideas in the political life.” The “up!” Could benefit in this challenge by the parties in other countries, says Scherrer.

Liberals and libertarians are counted as a “liberal family” – in Germany, libertarians are generally referred to as “radical liberals.” In English-speaking countries, however, the “Liberals” comparable to the local Social Democrats. That is the reason why in the international alliance the word leads “libertarian” in the name. There should be no confusion.

Custom List in the canton of Zurich

Present is the Independence Party currently in the cantons of St. Gallen, Thurgau and Zurich. In Zurich it was founded in November 2014, the first cantonal section. Other cantonal sections are planned. The next to be launched in Thurgau into being.

In the canton of Zurich, the party takes in the House of Representatives in October with its own list, as Scherrer says. As a goal, is “up!” The conquest of Zurich seat in the National Council.

Content slowly grasped

The positions of the young party peel slowly. They welcomed the tax policy decisions that had precipitated on 8 March for the Swiss people (against the tax exemption for child allowances, against the energy tax). But these are only a first step towards a more liberal arrangement of the entire tax system. This should have no exceptions for a certain clientele and no ideological charges.

In December, it turned “up!” Decidedly against the supporting measures.They are a wealth-hostile interference in the free labor market. By saying yes to the SVP immigration initiative, the starting position had changed: The persons with the EU could not continue well. Thus there is for the accompanying measures no longer exist.

The abolition of the minimum euro exchange rate in January welcomed the party. On monetary or economic policy interventions, particularly on stimulus packages and subsidies, is to refrain. Then called were the classical liberals and the abolition of the special legal status of the Swiss National Bank (SNB). The SNB should be transformed into a standing in the competition of the market money Aktiengesellschaft.