Italian Libertarian Party Joins the IALP


“Dear friends libertarian, a few days ago the CEO of the Libertarian Movement, Leonardo Facco, has given his approval in advance to the internal ratification of the latest version of the Declaration and Constitution of the Foundation of the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties.

The ratification of the document enshrines our membership as members of the co-founders of the new organization for Italy international political party libertarians who will officiate its foundation at the event that will take place in Bournemouth (England) 5-7 March 2015: the International Alliance of Libertarian Parties (IALP).

The IALP is meant to be a political organization that will implement the international friendship and cooperation existing between the libertarian parties, ensuring a collegial decision-making involvement of members in their capacity for cooperation at the international level.

The Libertarian Movement, over the years, as well as co-founder of Interlibertarians, has always collaborated with the pioneering movements and political parties libertarians and classical liberals, and with associations and representatives of free market referring to the teachings of the School Austrian Economics of traveling around the world in order to establish a network and a reference point for movements and political parties libertarians.

The November 6, 2013, Leonardo Facco has participated as a guest at a political conference in Madrid organized by the Partido de la Libertad Individual (now Partido Libertario) during the visit of European national president of the outgoing US Libertarian Party, Geoffrey Neale, together withMovimento_Libertario_ (Italy) _Logo_representatives Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom and the German Partei der Vernunft.

Our adherence to IALP, as the party representative of libertarians, is therefore an important decision in the light of our battles and our political work and cultural dissemination of libertarianism in Italy.

It is the natural continuation of our consistent work and we are sure that it will undoubtedly implement the friendship, collaboration and cooperation between the parties and the Libertarian Movement libertarians around the world in defense of the cardinal principles of libertarianism and ideas stringent of freedom, laissez-faire and of peace between nations and peoples.

The Board of Directors of the Libertarian Movement ratify any changes or new versions of the Charter of the statutory IALP on the occasion of the Libertarian Movement scheduled for Sunday, June 28, 2015.

In this regard, in addition to expressing our best wishes to the organizers of the event and the Bournemouth IALP, we express as of now our invitation also to friends libertarians Foreign IALP so that they can be present as our guests at the ML Assembly, which will also be a time of celebration to mark the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Libertarian Movement.

We would like finally to thank Luca Fusari for the excellent work done in connection with the IALP and all freedom movements internationally.”

Source: Movimento Libertario