Founding of the IALP

“The Swiss Independence Party up! founded along with eleven other parties an international alliance. The “International Alliance of Libertarian Parties’ combined worldwide millions of voters and encourage exchanges of experience between libertarian parties and builds a common website on. The national parties remain programmatically and organisationally independent. The founding members of IALP are:

Libertarian Party, UK
Libertarische Party, Netherlands
Mouvement des Libertariens, France
Party of Reason, Germany
Parti Libertarien, Belgium
Partido Libertario, Spain
Libertarian Party, USA
Libertarian Party of Russia
Libertarian Party of South Africa
The Scottish and Italian party will ratify it subsequently. There are already underway with around ten other parties accession talks. Already, the party represents hundreds of thousands of members and millions of voters.

The meeting was also decided that IALP is domiciled in Switzerland. Switzerland is convinced, especially for political reasons as the location: it is centrally located, has a long tradition of independence and a strong currency. The Assembly also elected a 5-member board and as chairman Geoffrey Neale, a former board member of the Libertarian Party in the USA. Next year, the focus is to build a common platform for presentation to the outside world.

The International Alliance of Libertarian Parties on Facebook:”

Source: UP! Switzerland